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14-Color LED Lights

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  • This light set is suitable for all Scott Aerator fountains and floating aerators.
  • Lights can be set to a single, solid color, or fade from color to color.
  • Light sets simply screw on to fountain/aerator float. Can be purchased with pump now or added later.
  • Color-changing lights come with remote control, stainless steel lights and mounting brackets, power cable, and programmable timer.
  • Remote control works up to 1,000 feet away.
  • Durable exterior grade power supply
  • Runs on 110V.
  • 15 watts per fixture
  • 1230 lumens
  • Two year warranty on the fixtures and brackets, one year warranty on transformer and power cord

    Scott Aerator's color changing LED light sets offer full control over your fountain lights. A long range remote allows you to change your settings with ease from up to 1,000 feet away. The fully programmable timer lets you set up to 16 on/off settings. Solid color lighting is available in red, warm white, blue, green, lavender, cyan, and yellow-green, with many additional colors available in the rotating patterns such as purple, gold, hot pink and orange, just to name a few.

    These two or four light sets install in minutes to your new or existing fountain and feature stainless-steel fixtures and brackets. Long-lasting. Energy-efficient. Simple to use. These LED lights will create a stunning focal point to your outdoor paradise.


    1. Assemble The Unit

    Assembly of Scott Aerator Fountains takes 15-20 minutes. Assembly instructions will be included with your fountain. Scott Aerator fountain kits come with the following:

    • Pump with cylindrical casing and power cable attached
    • Square float platform
    • Protective stainless steel filter
    • Decorative nozzle (this does not apply to the DA-20)
    • 5/16"x2" stainless steel bolts
    • Stainless steel nuts & washers
    • Self tapping stainless steel screws


    Tools Needed: You will need a wrench (or socket driver) and pliers. 



    Assembly Steps:

    1. Begin by placing the fountain housing on a solid surface, with the pump discharge opening facing up.
    2. Tie nylon rope (not included) to the two stainless steel eyebolts. These will be the anchoring lines for the fountain.
    3. Next, put the float in place and secure with the two 5/16" x 2" bolts, washers and nuts included.
    4. Now, turn the fountain upside down, remove the styrofoam doughnut, and place the stainless steel filter in place. Be sure to line up the pre-drilled holes on the fountain with the position marks on the filter. Attach the filter with the
      three self-tapping screws provided.


    2. Attach Lights (If you did not order lights, skip this step)


    Scott Aerator fountain light kits simply attach to the square float platform. Scott Aerator light kits come with the following:


    • (2) or (4) LED light fixtures with power cable
    • 1/2" bolts & nuts
    • (2) or (4) stainless steel arm brackets
    • Timer/control unit
    • Remote control (only for color-changing lights)


    Tools Needed: Wrench & Pliers


    *Please note: The included timer/control unit is required to operate the lights. Do not remove cord from control unit, this will void the lights' warranty.

    Assembly Steps:

    1. Attach each arm assembly to the water feature. Be sure to orient the arms with “L” facing upward. Remove one of the 2" bolts attaching the float to your Scott water feature and align the holes with the stainless steel arm. Reinsert the bolt with washer, outward through the housing, float and stainless steel arm. Secure with washer and nut. Repeat for the remaining arm assembies.
    2. Continue by attaching each light to the slotted end of the stainless steel arms. Feed 1/2" x 1/4" bolt downward through each light bracket and steel arm then secure with 1/4" nut. The lights can be positioned along the arm by loosening the lock nut, sliding the light to the desired position, then re-tightening the nut.
    3. Connect the lights to the Timer Control Unit by aligning pins and screwing the connector together 1/2 turnonly. Do not force the connection tight or you may damage the O-ring or wiring.


    3. Place in water

    • Once the unit is assembled, it is ready to be placed in the water for final preparation and anchoring.
    • Care should be used when handling the fountain; it is very important that the weight of the fountain not be placed upon the stainless steel filter.
    • Once the fountain head is in the water, attach the fountain head by screwing it into place (this does not apply to the DA-20).
    • Float the fountain to the desired position and secure the attached nylong ropes to shore or use 2 concrete blocks submerged at least 20 feet apart.
    • The final step is to plug your fountain and lights into your established power source. Always use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and a licensed electrical contractor to install your power source.
    Buying Guide

    Choosing Horsepower

    • Horsepower will affect the size and flow rate of your fountain's spray. The higher the horsepower, the more water it will move, and the larger and/or thicker the spray will be. 
    • Choosing a horsepower will depend on your budget and pond size. This step is largely up to you, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure there is at least 10 feet between the fountain spray and the edge of your pond.

    Choosing Voltage

    • When in doubt: Give us a call.
    • If running 115V power to the edge of your pond, please take note of the maximum distances from pump to breaker (including the power cord you order). 
    • If running 230V to the edge of your pond, you generally will not have to worry about distance.


    Motor Size Max distance from pump to breaker on 115V
    1/3 HP 115V 280'
    1/2 HP 115V 250'
    3/4 HP 115V 200'
    1 HP 115V 150'



    Choosing LED Lights (Optional)

    • Can be purchased now or added later. Light sets simply screw on to float.
    • Lights run on 110V and come with their own power cord.
    • Option of single-color warm white LED lights or color-changing LED lights.
    • Both options come with a programmable timer, and the color-changing lights come with a remote control that works up to 1,000 feet away.
    • 2-light sets recommended for 1 HP and below.
    • 3-light sets recommended for 1.5 HP and 2 HP.
    • 4-light sets recommended for 3 HP.


    Choosing Timers (Optional)

    • Can be purchased now or added later. 
    • Timers are only made to control fountains, not lights.
    • Answer to FAQ: The difference between the residential and commercial 230V timer is the residential box is plastic and the commercial box is metal. Both perform the same function.



    Additional Nozzles (Optional)

    • Can't choose between fountains? Scott Aerator fountain pumps are designed to accommodate all Scott Aerator nozzles.


    • Choose from 9 unique nozzles to give yourself options so you don't have to choose just one spray pattern!


    • Please note: Not all nozzles are available for every motor size. Be sure to choose nozzles for the corresponding horsepower.


    Nozzle Spray Sizes (H x W)


    Nozzle 1/2 HP 1 HP 1.5 HP 2 HP 3 HP
    Amherst N/A 35' x 40' 35' x 40' N/A 30' x 25'
    Atriarch N/A 30' x 25' 40' x 30' 50' x 40' 60' x 50'
    Baystone N/A 14' x 30' 20' x 40' N/A N/A
    Cambridge N/A 30' x 40' 35' x 45' N/A 40' x 55'
    Clover 20' x 35' 30' x 42' 40' x 50' N/A 50' x 70'
    Millbrook N/A 15' x 30' 17' x 35' N/A N/A
    Rosewood N/A 30' x 40' 35' x 45' N/A N/A
    Skyward 20' x 35' 30' x 42' 40' x 50' N/A 50' x 70'
    Tudor N/A 10' x 35' 15' x 45' N/A N/A


    Q: What is the best way to choose a fountain?

    A: This is the question we receive most frequently, and it carries a lot of weight. We would start by asking: is aeration the goal, or is it aesthetics? Or, do you need both? Consider one of our Aerating Fountains if you're looking for aeration, or both. Compared to aesthetic fountains, they circulate much more water at a much higher rate. In terms of aesthetics, there is a wide variety of options to consider. What it looks like is ultimately up to you. To begin with, make sure your pond meets the minimum depth requirements. Then, make sure your display doesn't exceed the capacity of your pond. Each fountain product page contains display dimensions.

    Note: Water can only be aerated up to about 6 feet deep using fountains and surface aerators.


    Q: What is the right horsepower choice for a fountain?

    A: The horsepower refers to a motor's size, which determines how large the spray pattern will be. In addition, make sure that your pond is deep enough and that the spray won't spill onto the sides regardless of the horsepower you choose. Our fountains work best with ponds that are a quarter acre or larger in size (depending on their shape). In order to choose the horsepower you need, you need to consider your budget and the size that you'd like.

    Q: Should I hire someone for my fountain installation?

    A: A licensed electrician should install a power source if you do not already have one installed by the pond. Our fountains are fairly easy to install once the power source is up and running. With nylon rope and cinder blocks anchored on two sides, and powered by a submersible cord that plugs into a power source at the edge of the pond, our fountains float in the middle of the water. We often have customers who install their own fountains in order to save money. You will need to take into account your available resources.

    Q: Which is better for me: 110-120V or 210-240V?

    A: 210 to 240 volts is generally ideal if the power source is more than 70 feet away from the main breaker. Naturally, your power source needs to be able to handle the higher voltage. In this manner, you can ensure that your fountain receives sufficient power to run continuously. Choosing the lower voltage will result in your fountain running intermittently or turn off immediately after being turned on or it will not operate at its full potential if your pond is too far from the main breaker. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Q: Does the price include lights?

    A: No, lights are not included by default. It is possible to order them simultaneously with your fountain or sometime later. Attaching them to the floating unit is as simple as snapping them on. It is well worth the investment.

    Q: What determines the price of the power cord?

    A: Material costs are largely responsible for this. Different kinds of power cords are available for fountains, ranging from 14-gauge copper or stainless steel wire to 4-gauge copper or stainless steel wire (dependent on fountain size and cord length).

    Q: Is it okay to leave my fountain in water over the winter?

    A: Scott Aerator Fountains are the only fountains that remain operational throughout the winter. In the winter, either run them continuously or turn them off completely. Once the ice thaws, they can be turned back on.



    Q: Can aeration maintain the health of my fish and clean my pond?

    A: Without a doubt. Whenever a pond needs to be cleared, the first step is aeration.

    Q: What is the best way to choose an aerator?

    A: Your pond's size and depth will determine this. There are various categories on the website based on the size of the pond (in acres). Our Surface Aerators and Aerating Fountains are ideal for ponds under six feet deep. Sub-Surface aerators are recommended for ponds over 6 feet deep.

    Q: How do I get my aerator installed?

    A: A licensed electrician should be consulted if a power source has not yet been installed by the pond. We have designed our aerators so that they easily install once the power source is ready. We have found that most of our customers install the equipment themselves without any problems and save money by doing so. You will need to take into consideration your resources.


    Q: How should the aeration setup be configured?

    A: An ideal aeration setup would include a surface aerator or aerating fountain, as well as a Sub-Surface aerator. A surface aerator or fountain would circulate oxygen released from the pond's bottom thoroughly.

    Shipping & Returns

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will I know my order has shipped?

    As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail.  This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase.  As soon as we receive your order, we automatically reach out to our suppliers to confirm that it is in stock and available for immediate shipment.  If your item is on backorder or unavailable, we will void the pre-authorization and reach out to you via e-mail.  If your item(s) are available for immediate shipment (within 5 business days), we will process the charges and submit the order for shipment. If, for some reason, there is a delay in stock, we will contact you before accepting payment.

    When will my order ship?

    If your order is in stock and we process the charges to your credit card, it will ship within 2-5 business days from the date of your order.  We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided when checking out.  If you do not receive tracking information from us within six business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us

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    If you have questions regarding anything below, please send an email to or call us at 602-492-8448

    Cancellations & Refunds: At homestead finds, we pride ourselves on having the best return policies in the industry. Cancel your order any time before it ships completely free of charge (exceptions apply such as custom orders, see below). 

    If you have questions, please send an email to or call us at 602-492-8448

    Cancellations (Before Order Ships)

    If you need to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible so we can refund you in full before your order leaves the warehouse. Reach agents during business hours at 602-492-8448, the chat in the bottom right, or email any time. 

    Cancellations of Custom Orders

    Custom or made to order products cannot be canceled or refunded as these products are put into production specifically for your order. Custom order brands include Outdoor Plus, Fire By Design, Fireplaces, Etc.).

    These units, are custom made to your specification or created once you order. Once you place your order they start building your unit. Your warranty will guarantee you a fully functional and operational product. If it is not clear whether your order is custom or made to order, please message or call us. 

    All sales are final for Custom made and Made-to-order products.

    Refunds and Returns

    If you need to exchange your product, you may do so. You, as the customer, are responsible for any shipping costs throughout any returns and exchange processes. 

    Not all orders are available for return once they have shipped. We order our products directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, if the manufacturer will not permit us to return a product, we cannot offer you a return. This often varies on a case-by-case basis; please reach out to us if you would like specific information on your brand and/or product. 

    Due to drastically increasing LTL/freight shipping costs, any outright returns will incur 25% cancellation fee + return shipping costs. If you are replacing the product with something else, we may be able to help you cover some of the costs depending on the product. 

    Shipping Times

    We promise to do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible.  We provide estimated shipping times on the product pages based upon what our suppliers and freight companies tell us, and those estimated shipping times may change or vary without notice (Due to supply chain issues, the steel mills behind on making metal, the manufacturers delayed because of the mills, the overwhelmingly demand on shipping, factory/warehouse and dock workers and so on). 

    Order delays have proven to be unavoidable and outside of homestead finds control. While this might be frustrating, we ask you to please be patient and understanding with us in these tough times. We thank you for your business and appreciate your patience.





    Warranties vary depending upon the manufacturer - see individual product pages for details. Warranty damages occur over time and from use. If an item was damaged upon arrival, and not reported within 30 days, that is not a warranty claim.

    Contact for any questions.






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