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Enlighten Saunas

Enlighten Sauna


A sauna is a great way to relax and relieve stress. I used to own my own business, and when I felt overwhelmed or had a lot on my plate, the best thing for me was to go home and unwind in the sauna. But not all saunas are created equal—and you don't want one that's going to make your skin itch or give you a headache! In this post, we'll talk about how you can choose a great sauna for your home based on its materials, construction details, and usage requirements.

Know your wood

The type of wood you choose to use is important because the sauna will last for many years and will be used often. The wood should be durable, so don't settle for cheap or low-quality products that won't hold up over time.

The best option is to use cedar, which comes from Canadian forests and has a natural resistance against pests like termites. It's also a strong species of wood that can withstand the weight of your sauna without any problems! You can either buy cedar planks or cut them yourself with tools like an axe; however, we recommend using an electric saw because it makes this process much easier (and faster!) than using hand tools alone.

In addition to being durable enough to hold up your sauna construction project throughout its lifetime usage phases

Construction counts

  • How you build your sauna matters. We use only the highest grade Canadian Hemlock wood and joinery. This ensures that you get a product that will last for years to come, with no maintenance required.

  • Wood quality matters. We don’t just use any old 2x4s or 2x6s; we use only premium materials that meet or exceed industry standards. The stronger structure makes your sauna more durable and resistant to warping in humid areas like bathrooms or basements where water can seep into the walls of cheaper models made with lower grade lumber.

  • Construction details make a difference! You can have a great sauna in your home by investing in high quality construction details like: solid tongue-and-groove flooring (no fiberboard), quality hinges and handles, reinforced corner joints (where applicable), insulated hot tub rooms designed with double layer insulation for maximum heat retention, custom doors designed specifically for our units so they open easily without sticking...

Sauna and steam are different things

Steam, a water vapor that is the result of boiling water, is used to relax and cleanse. A steam treatment increases blood flow in the skin and helps open up pores, thereby cleansing them of toxins. Enlighten sauna, on the other hand, requires burning wood so that the air inside becomes dry heat. A sauna treatment can help with detoxification and weight loss by increasing perspiration while lowering heart rate. There are benefits to both types of treatments; however, if you're looking for something more relaxing than cleansing—such as a smoothie bowl or facial—steam may be more suitable for your needs!

Your sauna should be made for the way you use it

  • What you'll be using the sauna for. If you're going to be using your spa mostly for relaxation, then a lower-end model will do just fine. But if you plan on sweating out that last bit of fat, then investing in a higher-quality sauna is probably best.

  • How often you'll use it and how many people will be using it. If there are multiple people who want to use your new sauna at once or if there's been an occasion where everyone wanted to use the same day (like when one neighbor just bought one), then an infrared unit might be more suitable than an eucalyptus model. This is because they generally have larger interiors than traditional models which means more room for everyone!

  • Who will be using Your Sauna? This includes kids, seniors, and those with medical conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease—all of whom may require special treatment when exposed to heat sources like these! Make sure that whatever model fits their needs best before making any purchases today.* The size You Need: Some owners may not realize how much space goes into installing a new vinyl membrane until after they've purchased it online without taking measurements beforehand! Make sure that whatever size works best for them before buying anything too big or small--you wouldn't want someone paying $2k+ only realize later down the road that they didn't really need all those extra square feet anyway!!

Construction details matter

To achieve a high-quality sauna, you will want to pay attention to every detail.

  • Avoid sharp edges and corners. Sharp edges can cause injury if someone falls into them, while sharp corners are not only uncomfortable but also harder to clean on the inside of your sauna. If you use wood, use a good quality wood that is naturally resistant to warping or splitting when exposed over time to heat and humidity (this is especially important if you plan on climate-controlled). Also make sure that whatever material you choose is smooth enough so as not to cut into bare skin when sitting down in it!

  • Use insulation made from good quality materials like wool or cotton batting around all surfaces of your sauna so that it doesn't cool down too much once heated up; this means having thicker walls than usual (1" thick instead of 3/4") which helps keep heat inside longer - even after turning off lights or lowering temperatures outside!

You can have a great sauna in your home

You can have a great sauna in your home. It’s really important that you pick the right wood and construction details, to get it right the first time.

You also need to think about what kind of design is going to work best for your needs. And once you know that, then you can decide on which size will work best for your space and family size.


Saunas are a great addition to any home. They’re relaxing and they can help you feel better, but only if they are built well. If you want the best experience possible then it’s important that your sauna is built with care so that it will last for years to come. Get yours here

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